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Do you love something unusual? Or are you yourself unusual? Forget normal relationships, laws of attraction and beauty standards. We celebrate strangeness, we love unusual desires. For everything you can imagine, there are people who have a Passion for it. We're constantly looking for new strange, exciting and shocking forms of love and attraction. So get ready to throw your ideas about normal relationships out of the window. Diversity rules!

This site is a constantly growing resource on all unusual kinds of love and relationships. Normal is boring and vanilla belongs in ice cream. Eccentrics live longer, have more fulfilling lives and enjoy more exciting love. Our basic philosophy is: Whatever you are, there's somebody out there who has a passion for it and whatever your passion, there's somebody out there who can make it real.

Site Structure

A Passion is basically a category and each passion is like a blog of it’s own. Every passion has a Main Page mostly about general information and other articles as well as photo galleries. Related passions are linked together and grouped into topics. Passions can belong to more than one topic but individual pages and articles can only belong to one passion. You can subscribe and choose your Passions so you get notified when there's a new post in one of them.

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